How To Prepare Your House For Sale

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by Alex
8 August 2014
Category:   Property Tips
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  • First Impression Counts – assess the outside of your home if it needs painting, dust has always been a major problems in our part of the world, so before you consider selling your house, spend a bit of money to paint mostly the outside of the house, if possible consider painting some of the rooms if there are stains on walls.
  • Do Consider The Garden- a beautiful garden can give a wow factor to your property viewers, most property buyers do consider a properly maintained gardens, cut over grown lawns, cut hedges if there are and consider investing in some beautifully decorated flower pots. Do consider fixing broken and leaking pipes in the garden, fix gates to the main entrance of your home. The secret is thata well-presented garden can add thousands to the perceived value of a house.
  • Check Roof Leakages- consider checking your house for any roof leakages, fallen trees and plants on your roofs. Repair broken roof tiles and sheets cover if practical without costing you too much.
  • Paint Work Inspection- inspect painted metal works, re-paint the metal gates, grills, frames, stair cases if they are made up of metal.
  • Tackle water damaged on slippery faces, clean algae growth on stone and brick steps and garden paths, fix cracked pipes and drains.
  • Open Curtains, Let There Be Light- create a warm, welcoming atmosphere even before your viewers come in, where light is necessary though there is enough sunshine to bright up rooms, switch lights on for your viewers. Leave the overhead lights on in the evening for a cosier look.

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