Selling Your House In Ghana

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by Alex
15 July 2014

We have a network of agents and property sites in Ghana.

Top estate agents in Ghana lists their properties on Property Catalogue, so your property will be listed in the property sections on Ghana’s biggest websites including, Ghana web, My Joy online, and many more. Its your catalogue.

We Receive thousands of Visitors every month to Property Catalogue site.

When selling or renting your property to make sure your property listing appear in front of the widest possible audience and ever since we launched our website in Ghana, we have received huge numbers of home-hunting audiences in Ghana.

Ever growing Brand Awareness in Ghana.

We continue to advertise and create awareness of the brand across multi-media channels, such as radio, newspapers, sporting articles and on the internet, Google searches, Yahoo and other social media platforms such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Pintrest. These increases our brand awareness across these media.

Browse Properties on Your Mobile.

With nearly 40% of people searching for properties via a mobile or tablet computers, it’s essential your property can be found via these devices, Property Catalogue website is user friendly for most mobile apps

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